user experience lab

User Experience Lab

We started User Experience Lab in May, 2016 at Quicken Loans. Once every other week, team members get experience and hands on knowledge by participating an one-hour workshop. The workshop is followed by a consulting hour, where we help individual project teams with alignment and communication of their ideas. The UXL allows us to provide opportunities that drive innovations all around us.

User Experience Lab is well-received at Quicken Loans. It is available to any team members who are looking to expand thier knowledge in the digital space and explore new tools within User Experience. It helps everyone to build products that are created with the customer in mind. Workshop topics we covered so far were Intro to User Experience, User Insights and Sketch UX. Each UX designer and UX specialist takes turn presenting a workshop. I also provide sketch notes to team members after each workshop. Don’t know what sketch notes are? Check out Kevin Thorn’s easy to understand breakdown of how to start creating sketch notes.