Landing Page Optimized

Collecting Leads and Obtaining Online Conversions

Why a landing page? Landing pages let us narrow the focus and remove the clutter from pages that could distract clients from taking the action we want them to take, where we can drive traffic to a specific URL that has been designed to receive those visitors. See the page in action.

My Role

This project took place between November 2013 and January 2014. I worked on this project as an interaction designer with Quicken Loans’ Marketing team.

Observation and Input

Even if clients landed on our page and knew exactly what they were looking for — they wanted to take the quickest action possible to get results. Through the process of A/B testing our pages, we learned that the shorter version of lead gen forms converted 36% more clients than the longer version.

Lead Forms Optimization

We tested the button copy – apparently “Get Started” is the most successful. Form length really does matter. We considered reducing the number of fields. We opted for displaying less numbers of questions per screen. During our user testing, we also found our clients were reluctant to give away personal information, unless we reassured them that their details are safe in our hands. The best way was linking our privacy policy within the form.

What I did

  • User Experience Design
  • Interaction Design